Sell Like the Rock Star you Are

Last week I wrote about the buying signals that you’re trying to talk yourself out of.  There’s a difference between things not going quickly and things not going smoothly.  Still both of those situations are different from things going poorly.  Unfortunately, things are not always going to go perfectly in the sales process, and you need to consistently do your best work if you’re going to accomplish what you’re truly capable of.  How do you steady yourself through it all?  How do you maintain a relentlessly positive attitude when the chips don’t fall your way?  Belief.  Every success you have is directly tied to the level of belief you have in yourself to be able to pull it off.

Belief And Confidence Are Cousins, Not Twins

You’ve practiced your pitch, you know what you need to say, and you’re confident that you can deliver the message.  But do you believe you’re going to make the sale?

Do you understand the difference now?  Confidence is knowing you can do it.  Belief is knowing you will.

It’s not enough to be confident.  It’s a vital first step, but it’s not the end of the line.  You’ve got to branch out a little further.  You have to know at the core of your being that you’ve got the best solution for your clients, and that they’re better off for doing business with you.  If they don’t realize that right now, then it’s their loss, not yours.  You have the prize, you’re on to the next one, and you’re going to make something happen today.

Less than 10% of you reading this right now take that approach with every call, yet 100% of you reading this are rock stars.

Why Does Everybody Know You’re A Rock Star Except You?

How do I know you’re a rock star?  You’re in the minority of the population actually willing to do something to better themselves at their craft.

“Aw, Jeff, lots of us do this.  It’s just what I do.  I’m not special.”

That’s false, you just don’t realize it, and you illustrated my point.  You already take for granted the things that you excel at because they don’t seem extraordinary to you.  You probably make some things look easy that others would kill to be able to do at all…  Ever watch this guy play guitar?  Him on drums?  Her on piano?  This guy could play them all.  They’ve forgotten more about how to play their instruments than you’ll ever know.  Yet to them, it’s just what they do every day of the week.  Like you, they had to work really hard to get where they are.  But they know they’re rock stars, and they act accordingly.   And it’s that attitude that makes them appear effortlessly talented.

Stop selling yourself short.  Stop lumping yourself in with everybody else.  The way you do what you do is unique.  It works, and it’s not for everybody.  Your combination of talent, experience and attitude gives you a distinct advantage, but only if you’re willing to own it and apply it.

Act Accordingly

Remember the best sale you ever made?  How did you feel?  What did you want to do next?  The best time to make a sale is right after the one you just made.  You ride the momentum, the attitude, like a wave.  The air about you when you feel infallible, when you’re at your absolute best, when you know you’re going to win…  I call that feeling swagger.

What most people miss when it comes to this feeling is that you don’t need to make the sale first.  Michael Jordan scored 63 points in a playoff game with the flu.  He willed himself to a career performance because it was important.  And he knew he could.  You create that attitude in your mind.  You put yourself in that zone.  Then you go make the sale.  Easier said than done?  Sure, but you make things look easy that other people can only dream of doing, remember?

What would you do today if you knew you could not fail?

I once saw this quote on a paperweight in my manager’s office years ago. It’s an important reminder that we are often the limiting factor in our own success.  What if it weren’t a reminder, but an attitude instead?  What if you simply acted as if you were bulletproof?  How would that change your interactions?  Would it attract people or repel them?  When there’s a good balance of both, you’ve hit your mark.

Think about and focus on the things you do really well

You didn’t get here by accident.  You’ve got relationships.  You’ve accomplished things.  Have you ever stopped and thought about the things, even the little things, that helped you get to where you are?  Go ahead, give yourself credit for even the mundane.  It’s often the stuff we take for granted that is most responsible for our successes.

Push the envelope, and watch it bend

Growth happens outside of the comfort zone.  Your belief system reminds you that you belong out there, and your successes prove to you that you’ve done well before.  Use those as a platform to grow.  Rock stars constantly push themselves, and their art, to new levels.  If not for the benefit of themselves, then for the benefit of the art, the industry, or the profession.

Ready To Rock?

You know what you need to know, and what you need to do.  Now you have to go and do it.  You’ve done the preparation.  It’s time to execute.  Step up to the plate and decide that you’re going to make the sale, then go and make it.  You’d be surprised to find out how often that attitude check at the door is all that stands between you and what you want.

Go and be great.