Free, actionable resources for you and your sales team. 

Check out the resource library below for tools sales teams and individuals can use to rethink, and improve, the way they sell.  




This white paper, You Don’t Have a Closing Problem, explains why closing is the least of your concerns and highlights the real reasons behind sales slumps and slowdowns that many overlook.



Rethink the Way you Sell

This ebook walks through each step of the sales process, from getting your head in the game before a sales call and prospecting to closing a lead and analyzing missed opportunties. Every step of the way, it gives you fresh perspective and tips to rethink the way you sell. 

Rethink the Way you Sell:

The Lost Chapter

We intuitively know how to influence people when there’s mutual value in a relationship. In this "lost chapter" of the Rethink the Way you Sell eBook, Jeff describes how to channel your natural intuition to make develop relationships and make sales. 

The Five Forgotten Fundamentals of Prospecting 

Every successful salesperson must prospect. In this ebook, Jeff walks through five crucial fundamentals of prospecting success that most salespeople forget or ignore and how to apply them to your prospecting process. 


Daily Affirmation

So much of sales success is about attitude. You have the power to chose how you approach a situation and how you react to adversity. Print this daily affirmation, post it somewhere you can see it, and channel your swagger! 

Prospecting Cheat Sheet

Keep the 5 prospecting fundamentals from Jeff's book, The Five Forgotten Fundamentals of Prospecting, top-of-mind by downloading this quick-reference checklist and posting it in . your workspace, wherever that may be. 

Unique Value Proposition Workbook

What is your differentiator? This workbook is designed to help you or your sales team determine your unique value proposition to improve your prospecting process.