Sales Process Check-Up: Do you have a plan to achieve your goals?

Do you want to grow your business this year? (I’m assuming you do)

Do you have a detailed plan to do it? (I hope you do)

Do you have a consistent, repeatable sales process that will help you achieve it? (you might)

Can you describe it? …without saying “it’s all about relationships…”? (you probably can’t)

What if you don’t have the relationships with the people you need to in order to grow? (you clearly don’t)

What if you’re new and don’t have any relationships at all? (that’s a real problem)

If all it takes is relationships, then why don’t all of your relationships yield revenues? (because it takes more than that)

If you said that you wanted to grow your business this year, and you don’t have answers to those questions, then how are you going to do it? (hmmm…)

Let’s start by admitting that it’s going to take more than relationships, which is helpful, especially if you’re new and don’t have any. How does anybody get started in this business anyway?

One more quick question… Have you ever been called Type A, an achiever, a go-getter, a hustler, a control freak? (I rather prefer the term ‘control enthusiast’ but that’s just me…) You LOVE the big win, and there’s a lot to complain about when you don’t.

Sales is a results-oriented game, so it’s easy to focus on the results and assume that with your eye on the prize, everything else will magically fall into place. That’s only partially true – it’s not the whole story. If you don’t have the pieces to the puzzle, let alone know what they are or where to put them, how are you going to be able to accomplish anything?

The answer is by establishing a simple, repeatable process, and focusing your efforts there rather than solely on results. You cannot control results, but you can control your thoughts and your actions, which are the basis for that process.

When you focus on your process, you get results, and with more consistency. As your process improves, so do your results.

Making more sales doesn’t necessarily make you a better salesperson, but a better salesperson makes more sales. Great salespeople have great sales processes. A great sales process puts you in position to win.

Being in a position to win does not mean that you always will. Sometimes the chips just don’t fall your way. So, you review your process, you correct deficits, you address inadequacies, you learn from lost opportunities…

As you improve your process you put yourself in better positions to win. When you’re in more of these positions, you win more.

There’s really no way around it, if you want to win more you need to do the work. There needs to be some focus and direction to the work though, and the odds are that you don’t have much of either. The sales process is really simple when you break it down. It hasn’t changed much ever, despite what the pundits and the talking heads would have you believe, and regardless of the new tools and means by which it is carried out. Hustle will not get you as much as discipline will. In fact, hustle without discipline will only wear you out.

The process and the discipline do not need to be complicated. In fact, the one I use is so simple that I do not even require a CRM to manage it, though it can be easily integrated into yours. It’s repeatable, scalable, and will shine a light on how much more effective you can be immediately.

I can show you the process, but it’s up to you to be disciplined enough to implement and work through it.