Real sales expertise.

Jeff spent more than a decade in the field as a top performer. He understands what it takes to succeed in sales, and more importantly, he understands why. 


Stop selling mindlessly.

Do yourself (or your whole sales team) a favor and get your hands on Jeff's book, The 5 Forgotten Fundamentals of Prospecting. It's a short book with simple lessons about best practices in prospecting. In the thirty minutes or so it will take you to read, you will certainly be challenged to Rethink The Way You Sell®.  


Reinvigorate and refocus your sales team.

Perhaps you’re not getting the sales results you’re looking for. You could be an organization looking to take that next big step. Maybe you just know you’re capable of doing better. Regardless, you don’t need a coach taking you from one page to the next in a tired playbook. You want someone who will roll up their sleeves and help you come up with solutions to overcome your obstacles.

Kill your sacred cows and challenge your conventions. Selling is simpler than you’re making it, but in your quest to find a quick fix or a hack, you’re probably looking past the fundamental principles that underlie every sale.

Whether it’s by delivering a keynote speech, a breakout at your sales kickoff meeting, digging in with your team in a workshop, or coaching your reps to their full potential, Jeff can be a game-changer for your company.


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The Podcast

Jeff co-hosts The Why and the Buy podcast with fellow sales leader Christie Walters. Together with their ever-growing list of inspiring guests (which includes an impressive roster of salespeople, marketers, authors, entrepreneurs, free spirits, and other leaders) the two provide fresh perspective on sales, business, and life.  Listen to ruminate on why your customers buy from you, why you do what you do, and why that matters.  


Get inspiring sales insights. 

Take a look at Jeff's sales blog and subscribe for updates. It's full of unique prospecting ideas, fresh perspective, and methods to help you or your sales team get out of your own way to start selling more effectively.  


Transform the way you prospect. 

Jeff's book, The Five Forgotten Fundamentals of Prospecting is full of insanely simple prospecting advice most salespeople ignore. Do yourself, or your team, a favor and grab a copy.