Do you Carry Yourself with Confidence?

While watching a golf tournament, a buddy of mine sent me a text saying he thinks I bear a resemblance to Brooks Koepka. While I disagree, (I have been mistaken for Gary Woodland though), I mentioned it to my wife as she saw the tv. She said, "I don’t think so, but like the way he walks. There's something really attractive about that."

His swagger was undeniable, and it was about more than just his posture. He was walking tall, loose, confident, and relaxed. He was walking like a champion.

His playing partner that day, Dustin Johnson, had that same swagger earlier in the week when he was four strokes clear of the field. After a rough round on Saturday, he was a different man during the weekend. The air of confidence and greatness (he's clearly one of the most talented golfers on the planet right now) that he carried with him was gone. It had evaporated, and it was noticeable.

Brooks’s swagger on the other hand, was unflappable. He said before the tournament that there was nobody as confident as he was heading into the tournament. Even coming off an injury, he was there to win. His confidence was noticeable.

Let me be the first to tell you that it takes more than a confident stride to win, but let me also tell you that it is undoubtedly a contributing factor. Brooks wasn't standing tall because he was winning, he was standing tall because he's a champion. Champions carry themselves as such wherever they go, and their body language and demeanor broadcast that fact.

Ever been in a room when someone walks in and everybody seems to notice? The energy seems to shift, and people are suddenly aware of that presence. Ever been that person? There's power in that.

So what does your body language say about you? What kind of impression does your presence give other people? Do you look sharp? Confident? Like someone who knows what they're doing? Like someone who's supposed to be there? Or do you look and feel out of place, like a fish out of water?

The way you carry yourself not only impacts the way other people see you, it impacts the way you see yourself. When you get dressed up and you feel like a million bucks, everyone can tell. You walk a little taller, you speak a little more freely, and you're relaxed in your confidence. Sometimes your body language is a reflection of your emotional state, and sometimes it's the other way around. There's a lot to be said about body language and its effect on your psyche. Even if the research is inconclusive, the placebo is powerful. Try it yourself. How can you not feel like Superman or Wonder Woman when you stand like a superhero? My kids gave me a Superman t-shirt for Father's Day, you don't think I feel those feelings every time I put it on?

This week, be a little more aware of the way you carry yourself, especially in front of your customers. Dress a little nicer, just to notice how it makes you feel. People will notice, and when they do, tell them why you're doing it. I've done this myself, and it's impacted my reputation and relationships with my customers in a very positive way. It's given them a slightly different way to think of me and makes our connections stronger.

I don't think any of you would argue that the way you are perceived matters. So, it's worthwhile to be conscious of the way you present yourself. It certainly won't hurt things, and everybody's attitude can use a little boost now and then.

p.s. While on the topic, I thought I'd share Amy Cuddy's TED talk about body language and power posing. It's been viewed over 47 million times, so a few of you have probably already seen it, but it's worth another look.

Walk a little taller this week and make it a great one.