Book Review: #SalesTruth by Mike Weinberg

Telling the truth— it’s a simple concept. Unfortunately, a lot of salespeople tell themselves half-truths at best about what it takes to be successful in “today’s new economy.” If they’re really willing to be honest, some would admit they are flat out lying.

The debate has raged for the past several years about the best way to engage leads and develop new opportunities. 

“Put it out there on the Internet,” they said, “and somewhere during the first two thirds of their buying process, if you’ve sharpened your messaging and your SEO properly, your best customers will come to you…”

“Connect with your prospects on social media first and warm up the call…”

“The phone is dead! Long live the social phone!”

There is some credence to all of these approaches, and they’re all beneficial to a point. What has become obvious to me is that there is an inordinate amount of time being wasted arguing about what “perfect” looks like at the expense of doing anything at all. That means a lot of sales that could be made are not, and you’re missing out.

When you look at what it takes to successfully create new business, the #SalesTruth lies in the well-established principles and fundamentals that have always yielded that success. 

    • Prioritize growable opportunities

    • Intentionally and doggedly pursue those opportunities through any appropriate means available and necessary

    • Selfishly protect time on your calendar so you can execute

The #SalesTruth is that there will never be a replacement for purpose-driven prospecting and proactive sales efforts to drive new business growth. This should go without saying. Still, many sellers refuse to believe that there isn’t a quicker, easier, better way. The problem is that while arguing the approaches, they forget about the fundamentals. The channel doesn’t matter as much as the message, and nothing works without purpose and clear intent.

The #SalesTruth is that it doesn’t take supernatural talent, or even superhuman effort, to deliver superstar results. In a world where people are championing mediocrity everywhere you look, anyone willing to just. do. the. work. can be wildly successful. This book provides real life examples of the principles and the practices that will get you where you want to go, regardless of the industry you sell in. 

If you’re familiar with Mike’s previous work (and if you aren’t, where have you been?), you’ll recognize his straightforward approach developed further. There are also some absolute gems in here that I’ve not seen in writing before. The “bridge line” and the value of customer success narratives in Chapter 10, the “money line” in Chapter 11, and the “not-so-extraordinary keys to success” in Chapter 16 could alone double your revenue next quarter. All of these concepts are supported by stories, anecdotes, and lessons learned from years of experience in the field and ardent sales practitioners employing them. 

I could mention so many more, but I want you to buy the book!

The #SalesTruth is in this book, and it’s on a short list of the most impactful books about professional selling and management I’ve ever read.

I encourage you to buy the book here.