Guest Post: Focus on Others

“Be the conduit for others achieving their dreams.” ~Mitch Taylor

When creating a new connection it’s important to figure out how you can give to the other person.  The strongest connections I’ve ever created have all started as a result of me giving in some way to the other person FIRST. There’s a gentleman I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring, and it all started when he came up to me at a trade show, placed his finger on one of my products I had for sale at my table.  Then, I cut him off cold and told him the price. 

Looking back, that was a fairly rude way to start our conversation, but once we got to talk, I asked him about where he was in his business and where he wanted to see it take him. He was struggling a little (although I could see right away that he was a very likable and talented guy), and he was looking for direction in his business. I immediately recommended him to some mentors of mine who I felt could benefit him. 

This man has since gone on to become a leader in his industry where his advice is sought out by many.  He is an advocate and representative for a major supplier in his industry and has now taken his business to completely new heights that he only dreamed about before.  I’m also proud to say that he has also followed his mentor’s advice and given back locally, nationally and internationally in his business and for his industry.

Where can you make a connection?  Anywhere really.  When you are at a networking meeting you’re not going to walk around going “Hi!  My name is Mitch with Creating Connections…here’s my card” then on to the next person “Hi! My name is Mitch with Creating Connections…here’s my card” and so on.  Why?  Because YOU would think that person is a jerk!  Why would you want to treat someone else that way and waste his or her time? 

Instead your motive should be not in how many cards you can take or give but how many problems can you solve.  How many people can you help?  Be the conduit for others achieving their dreams. With this mindset, you will rapidly multiply the number of connections you can make.  The other person will now think of you as a person of value, a person who actively followed up AFTER the networking meeting. 

ACTION STEPS:  Today, focus on really paying attention to other people. What do you see that you haven’t really noticed before? What if, instead of thinking about what you want to say next in a conversation, you were thinking about how you could help that person solve a problem?  How could that dramatically change the connections you make and the outcomes of their lives?  Who can you help today?

— — — — — — —

Mitch Taylor is a Gitomer Certified Advisor, the owner of Taylored Weddings, and a 21 year veteran of the Mobile Disc Jockey Industry, getting his start on the cruise ships of Carnival Cruise Lines.  He is the author of two books- Sales 4 Event Prosand Creating Connectionswhich was co-authored with Vickie Musni.

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