Ten Ways to Sell Better Now

You’ve got an assignment or a task.

You know what you need to do, but you just don’t want to do it because it’s going to be difficult.

In fact, you’re practically twitching, looking for anything else to do that seems like it will be productive so you can put off the real work that matters.

This is a battle that goes on inside the heads of salespeople every day. It’s not always about discipline, and it’s not about right or wrong. Doing real work that matters is hard.

But It’s So Much Easier To Do It The Way Everybody Else Does

I see it over and over again on webinars, in Twitter chats, and in discussion threads on LinkedIn. “What’s the best subject line to get my email returned?” “What do I say in a voicemail message to get my call returned?” “Should I even leave a voicemail?” “My manager wants me to make a certain number of calls every day.” Someone else’s experience is only going to benefit you so much. 

It’s way easier to follow a script and do what you’re told.

It’s way easier to ask someone else about the best way to do something instead of putting in the work, finding out what doesn’t work, and growing from there.

It’s way easier to find a canned sales process or system that puts all of your prospects in a box and treats them the same, rather than connecting with each one of them because they’re all looking for something a little bit different- even out of the same solution.

The Real Work Is Hard For A Reason

What you know deep down is that the hard work is worth doing, especially when it makes you twitch. I’m not talking about the kind that feels so unnatural and forced that you’re not sure if you can do it. I’m talking about the kinds of things that feel so intuitive that you instinctively know you’ve got the right approach. Then you realize how hard it’s going to be to do them well, and you immediately check your email or look for paperwork or household chores to do instead.

This is a specific kind of ‘difficult.’ It’s a space where few salespeople are willing to operate, but it’s exactly where real connections with your customers happen. When you’re willing to go an extra mile or two for that connection, your customers notice. They become loyal because you’ve become different in their eyes, and in a way that means something to them.

But it’s hard to be different, especially when “everybody around me seems to be doing it like this.”

You Know How To Sell- Don’t Talk Yourself Out Of It

We were born to sell. If you’ve ever asked for anything and gotten it, you’ve made a sale. That includes getting the car keys on a Friday night in high school, asking that pretty girl to go on a date with you, and even getting fed as an infant because you were crying. Some sales are easier to make than others, but the fundamentals are all the same.

  1. Stop looking to LinkedIn and Twitter for how-to guides from the experts. Take their advice as suggestions, not gospel. Develop your own way.

  2. Stop assuming you know why your customers buy from you and ask them.

  3. Stop treating all of your prospects as if they’re the same.

  4. Stop trying to move prospects from one page of your sales manual to the next.

  5. Stop thinking that you don’t need to prospect.

  6. Stop looking for a silver bullet how-to guide that will guarantee a return phone call or an email response.

  7. Stop thinking that social selling is anything more than just selling, with a different channel.

  8. Stop talking yourself out of doing something that you intuitively know how to do.

  9. Stop procrastinating and get back to that project you know you need to work on.

  10. Stop fooling yourself and go be great.