Rethink the Way you Sell 

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A Fresh Look at Your Sales Process

This ebook walks through each step of the sales process, from your mindset before a sales call to following up with prospects and analyzing missed opportunties. Every step of the way, it gives you fresh perspective and tips to rethink the way you sell. 

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A Guide to Owning your Sales Process

A lot of sales professionals today are looking for a quick fix, tool, or hack to make their lives easier. Jeff thinks that is the wrong approach. In this eBook, Jeff encourages you to ditch quick-fix, prescribed sales methods and add connection, value, and through to your approach to selling. In the eBook, Jeff walks through every aspect of the sales process, including:


Your Mindset


Your Follow-Up


Your Prospecting


Your Closing




Your Questioning


Why They Didn’t Buy


Your Prospecting


Your Closing

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About the Author

Jeff Bajorek helps sales teams design and implement their sales strategies with a focus on the fundamentals, and by noticing what others don’t. He believes, in sales, the answers are often right in front of you, but you miss them because you search for a silver bullet that likely doesn’t exist. Jeff co-hosts The Why and the Buy Podcast, publishes a weekly newsletter, and is a regular sales speaker, trainer, and podcast guest


Transform the way you sell. 

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