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About The Why and the Buy Podcast

Jeff Bajorek and his co-host Christie Walters ask listeners: 1) do you know why your customers buy from you? 2) do you know why you do what you do? and 3) why does it matter? Jeff and Christie connected over a shared notion that success in sales, business, leadership, and life is not about following a prescribed step-by-step process. Instead, it's about perspective. It's about pausing to assess what success looks like and why it's worthwhile to pursue. Then, it's about thoughtfully navigating your way through every unique situation you face. On the podcast, the two share lessons learned from their careers and lives and interview inspiring guests, ranging from salespeople and marketers to authors and entrepreneurs.

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About the Hosts

Jeff Bajorek and Christie Walters are seasoned sales professionals who co-host The Why and the Buy podcast. Christie is a Regional Director of Global Accounts for Convergint Technologies. Jeff helps salespeople and companies rethink the way they sell through speaking, training, and his book The Five Fundamentals of Prospecting

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