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Consider Jeff in your Corner

Motivation, accountability, and insight from Jeff whenever you need it through an easy-to-access online community.

Many of you have expressed wanting more frequent access to sales advice and insights from Jeff, but aren’t in a position to hire a sales consultant or coach. The Rethink the Way you Sell Community is the ideal solution for any sales professional who is interested in showing up to engage with other sales professionals and grow their career. Jeff will be engaging with the community daily to weigh in on your most pressing questions and to ask questions of his own.

What this community is…

  • A Community: We learn better when we learn together.

  • An Engaged Audience: Active participants provide real answers, good discussion, and honest commentary on tough situations.

  • A Content Generator: Better conversations lead to better topics, not just trending hashtags.

  • A Resource Library: Real practitioners talking about what has helped them and why.

What this community isn’t…

  • Another Online Course: This is not another online course paired with occassional interaction.

  • Content Archive: This is a living community, not a library of content to access.

  • A Sales Pitch: Noone is here to sell anything. We’re here to communicate and grow.

  • Social Media: This paid community goes beyond what LinkedIn and Reddit provide. No distractions, just good conversation about your sales challenges.

Why Join?

Social Media has its Limits

This community allows you to have a real discussion online without the distractions of social media. Everyone involved is here to contribute, not to grow their following. We are a group of like-minded sales professionals committed to helping each other grow in the profession. Not to mention, our conversation threads are categorized and saved for future reference.

Selling is a Team Sport

Jeff is an experienced salesman who has been there before, distilled the lessons, and is able to help you decipher your best next steps in any situation. This community enables you to connect with Jeff and connect with other professionals who are in the same stages of their careers so that you can grow together.


Pricing Information

$250 annually

When you join before December 31, 2019

$500 annually

When you join after December 31, 2019


About Jeff

Jeff Bajorek helps salespeople and companies rethink the way they sell through speaking, podcasting, training, and his book The Five Fundamentals of Prospecting. He created this community to foster an online community where salespeople can have meaningful conversations about real-world experiences they have and benefit from Jeff’s sales coaching and mentorship on an ongoing basis. This community allows sales professionals from learn from Jeff and from each other.

Jeff met me at my level, provided excellent feedback & practical advice on how I can improve my sales process, but also delivered tools to better help me serve my customers. He does this for everyone and does it with class.
— George Pariseau

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There’s no time like the present to dedicate some time and energy to getting out of your own way and transforming the way you sell. If you’re interested in joining a small group of sales professionals in a meaningful sales community moderated by an experienced sales coach, apply today.