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White Paper:

You Don’t Have a Closing Problem

A guide to determine what’s actually slowing your sales

Jeff's white paper, You Don’t Have a Closing Problem, explains why closing is the least of your concerns and highlights the real reasons behind sales slumps and slowdowns that many overlook. Download the paper to learn how to stop trying to close sales and start earning them instead.

Need help closing?

Do a little digging. Closing is likely not your problem.

A successfully closed sale has very little to do with closing. In fact, it has almost nothing to do with closing. It has everything to do with the little things that keep your sales flywheel spinning. Maybe you make a poor first impression. Maybe you don’t really listen when your prospect talks. Maybe you aren’t asking the right questions. Maybe you aren’t prepared for your meetings. Maybe you aren’t putting in the work. This white paper explores the real culprits behind your sluggish sales pipeline:

  • Your opening

  • Your questions

  • Your strategy

  • Your relationships

  • Your process

  • Your preparation

  • Your pipeline

    and more

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The questions we ask are a catalyst that help us shift perspective. A shift in perspective can help you reduce blind spots. Jeff’s work in “You Don’t Have a Closing Problem” highlights some practical questions you can ask in your business to determine your problem. Once you determine the problem you can get focused on the solution. Nice work Jeff.
— Mike Simmons, Catalyst Sale

About the Author

Jeff Bajorek is a consultant, an author, and a host of The Why and the Buy podcast. Companies look to him to help rethink the way they sell with a focus on principled fundamentals and determined execution.


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