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For the 6th year in a row, I’m golfing at least 100 holes in a day to support the 8th Annual Chosen Vision Golf Marathon. Instead of simply asking for a donation, I’m asking you to make an investment in yourself and in your business, and the value I’m offering is immense.


If Not A Donation, Then An Investment

There are a lot of worthwhile causes out there, but this one is personal, and I’ve seen firsthand the incredible work that Chosen Vision does. That’s why I’m putting my money, and my expertise, where my mouth is, and I’m offering you an opportunity to take a step forward in your business in exchange for supporting this cause.

The value in the packages being offered below is immense. My clients can attest that these consultation rates are far below my normal fees, and I’m getting a lot of help from my friends too. I hope this means more value for you, as well as this great organization.

This fundraiser means something, and I want that to be clear. Take a look at what I’m offering below, and please consider contributing.


You can‘t grow unless you learn, and this list of titles represents some of the best expertise in business today. Many of the authors are personal friends and have generously contributed to this cause because they believe in what I’m doing. I’m asking you to believe in Chosen Vision enough to invest in yourself and, your future, by donating. And if this list isn’t enough, then check back soon, because I’m still in the process of asking for more support.

The Five Forgotten Fundamentals of Prospecting, Jeff Bajorek

Fired Up! Selling, Ray Bard

The No. 1 Best Seller, Lee Bartlett

Sales in a New York Minute, Jennifer Gluckow

The Little Black Book of Connections, Jeffrey Gitomer

Customer Satisfaction is Worthless, Jeffrey Gitomer

B2B Sales Mentors, Scott Ingram

Sales Success Stories- Volume 1, Scott Ingram

Selling From The Heart, Larry Levine

The Perfect Close Workbook, James Muir

Confessions of a Serial Salesman, Steve Nudelberg

To Sell Is Human, Daniel Pink

Your Sales Career Guide, David Weiss & Andy Racic (coming soon)

Sell Without Selling Your Soul, Liz Wendling


After you’ve donated, I’ll send you an email thanking you and asking which books you’d like to receive.

$25 Donation: Choose any two books.

$50 Donation: Choose any five books.

$100 Donation: You get all the books.

That’s more than a $275 value!

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Sales Coaching Packages


$250 Donation

One hour phone strategy session


$1,000 Donation

Two hour web conference with you and your sales managers


$2,500 Donation

Half-day onsite workshop with Jeff and your sales team

$5,000 Donation

All of the above, including ten complete book packages for your team

About Chosen Vision

“Empowering developmentally disabled adults to live life as it should be.”

Chosen Vision is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization that provides and staffs homes for adults with developmental disabilities. There are currently four homes, two each for women and men, with plans to continue growing and serving the Lansing, Michigan area.

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