Jeff makes sales easy and fun. He is a trustworthy trainer who engages his audience with questions that make you think about how and why you sell your product. This is a must have for your next sales training and your only choice for a sales and personal development trainer.
— Allen Ballard, Sales Professional

The thought-provoking, process-simplifying reset every salesperson needs. 

Jeff Bajorek is an award-winning salesman and Gitomer-certified sales coach with more than a decade of sales experience. Working in the sales trenches, he learned that most salespeople ignore basic fundamentals of sales success, instead relying on the latest tool, hack, or guide. Through his sales training and workshops he helps sales people and companies ditch their preconcieved notions about sales, change the way they think about their process, and transform the way they prospect for new business.

During Jeff's workshops your team will learn:

Sales prospecting best practices

How to overcome adversity in sales

How to identify your unique differentiator

How to retool your sales process to work smarter