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Transform the way you prospect. 

Jeff's book, The Five Forgotten Fundamentals of Prospecting is full of insanely simple prospecting advice most salespeople ignore. Do yourself, or your team, a favor and grab a copy. 

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Get actionable ways to transform the way you prospect for new clients.

There is no denying how important a healthy pipeline is to sales success. However, much time is spent arguing over how to fill it rather than understanding the fundamentals that will keep it full. Only with the proper foundation in place, can success be sustained. In this book, Jeff Bajorek discusses the five fundamentals of prospecting that have either been ignored or forgotten, and gives you practical exercises to master them

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Know what you bring to the table

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Create some tension

Know who you should be talking to 

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Be the expert

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Keep your swagger

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The prospect of prospecting leaves many defeated before they start. Jeff Bajorek changes that thought process from fear of losing to pride of winning. This book will fill your pipeline, your calendar, and your wallet.
— JEFFREY GITOMER author of The Little Red Book of Selling

About the Author

Jeff Bajorek helps sales teams design and implement their sales strategies with a focus on the fundamentals, and by noticing what others don’t. He believes, in sales, the answers are often right in front of you, but you miss them because you search for a silver bullet that likely doesn’t exist. Jeff co-hosts The Why and the Buy Podcast, publishes a weekly newsletter, and is a regular sales speaker, trainer, and podcast guest


Get the book. Fill your pipeline. 

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