“I like working with Jeff because he makes me think differently.”


“Jeff is the real deal. If you are looking for sales help, he could very well be the solution you need. I'm a fan and unashamed supporter...”


“Jeff exhibits a masterful level of understanding of all things sales. He has an uncanny ability to simplify the complex and clarify the opaque. While pendulum swings in sales become the norm, Jeff is a consistent voice of reason.”


“Jeff met me at my level, provided excellent feedback & practical advice on how I can improve my sales process, but also delivered tools to better help me serve my customers. He does this for everyone and does it with class.”


“I have known Jeff for over three years and have seen him always deliver more than is expected. He is truly a difference maker in every sense of the word. I recommend Jeff without reservation.”

- Gary

“I already knew how to run the business but the pat on the but, go-get-em kid wasn’t enough to GROW the business. I had a paradigm shift regarding my perception of selling myself and my team. I learned how to build relationships, have dialogues about working together, and about being resources for each other.”


“Jeff is an authentic and naturally gifted presenter that engages his audience while putting them at ease. I’ve known him to be hardworking and always learning, an excellent choice for a sales and personal development trainer.”


“I had the great fortune of co-traveling with Jeff when I first joined RTI Surgical. After watching him in action, I knew he’d be someone I could call on for advice. Professional but light-hearted, competitive but compassionate, he is the real deal. He has helped me out tremendously with his insight and keen awareness of the intricacies of customer-vendor relationships.”

- Katie K

It can be easy to define insanity: doing the same thing (that may have worked ten years ago) over and over expecting a different result. This workshop shed light on a number of new ways to win the trust of my prospects, and in turn, their business. It was a worthwhile day and I would highly recommend it. It has certainly changed both the day to day and long-term approaches I take with prospects as well as current customers.


“Jeff makes sales easy and fun. He is a trustworthy trainer who engages his audience with questions that make you think about how and why you sell your product. This is a must-have for your next sales training and your only choice for a sales and personal development trainer.”

- Allen