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Sales strategies and methods that drive massive results.

Jeff spent more than a decade in the field as a top performer, and he knows what it takes to succeed in sales because he lives it. He helps sales teams succeed by leading custom workshops and training programs. If you are looking for an authentic, effective sales professional to speak at your next event, Jeff Bajorek is the real deal. 

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Speaking and Seminars

Jeff is an experienced sales speaker who helps salespeople and companies rethink the way they sell. He speaks on a variety of sales, leadership, and business topics.

Training and Workshops

Jeff provides consulting, training, and coaching services, including in-person and virtual workshops that help sales teams perform at higher levels than ever before. By focusing on common-sense fundamentals that most sales people ignore, Jeff's workshops will drive massive results.

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Podcast Interviews

Jeff's enthusiasm for sales and his unique perspective make him an engaging podcast guest. He also co-hosts his own sales, business, and leadership podcast called The Why and the Buy. He helps listeners simplify their sales process, think differently about sales prospecting, boost their confidence, and ultimately close more sales. 


Transform the way you prospect. 

Jeff's book, The Five Forgotten Fundamentals of Prospecting is full of insanely simple prospecting advice most salespeople ignore. Do yourself, or your team, a favor and grab a copy.